About Our Buns

When I originally opened Dat Dog in the shed on Freret St, I'd constantly be asked "where do the buns come from?" So, as I wanted to keep this a secret for as long as possible, this became part of Dat Dog lore and now Dis & Dem lore;
If you travel down 1-10 towards LaPlace, you get off the interstate at the LaPlace exit on the left. There is a black top road that you travel down about 8 miles. You take a left at the "first dirt road". Go about 3 to 4 miles down this dirt road until you come to a large oak tree which stands proudly right in the middle of the road. There you'll find a large round hole in the oak tree where you'll discover very small cajun elves hard at work baking our buns. And that's where our sourdough buns are made.

That's the story,

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